Terminator: Genysis SPOILERS Review


“Kindergarten Cop” Is being remade. Motherfuck.

Kindergarten Cop Remake

‘Kindergarten Cop’ is being remade.

‘Kindergarten Cop’ is being remade without Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I just want to die sometimes.

Not really. Because who gives that much of a shit right? (Some people probably do, but they are weird) but this is the internet and I’m kind of out of ways to express myself here short of going AHKDFJHAWEIGHAW over these god forsaken remakes so I just…..ugh…..won’t.

Lack of original ideas blah blah, this is a movie that can’t recapture the magic blah, blah. I’M OVER IT GODDAMIT THEY DON’T LISTEN TO US AND NOTHING IS SACRED. But who would of thought the blood sucking demons would have cared enough to go after Kindergarten Cop? Without Arnold? Arnold IS Kindergarten Cop. That movie would have been a steaming pile of shit with ANY other leading man. It would have been direct to video.

SURPRISE! The remake is going to be direct to video. Directed by Don Michael Paul who brought you classic dumpster bargain movies such as Jarhead 2 and Sniper: Legacy. Well, to be fair they might be good movies but no-one on earth can confirm if they actually exist. It sounds like a good line-up for Redneck Redbox night though doesn’t it?

So even though they are remaking another favorite film atleast nobody will give a shit. But don’t you dare touch Roadhouse. Or I swear to god I’ll………..definitely cry about it on the internet, probably buy a ticket and will want to die afterwards.