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Blu-ray Releases This Week! (5/28)

Hey guys from now on WWAM will be posting whatever Blu-ray movies will be hitting shelves this week! If you do like we do, you are often at Walmart at Midnight on Monday nights imagining what it would be like if the person in the electronics section would hurry up and open the freaking boxes already! We annoy them often……….. Week of 3/28/2013!


Dark Skies Blu-ray

Dark Skies is an Alien/thriller that WWAM reviews here: Dark Skies Review


The Numbers Station Blu-ray








Did anybody watch this movie? Is it any good? Does Malin Akerman get naked yet again? (We aren’t complaining)



Airheads blu-ray


Airheads!!!!!  This one is a classic, one of our favorites of all time! Airheads stars Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler. It’s about a band called “The Lone Rangers” (Doesn’t make any sense does it?) that takes over a radio station by gunpoint (Well, toy guns filled with hot pepper sauce technically). Also at some point David Arquette calls someone a Butt Nut (Seriously)

Also coming out on Blu-ray this week:


Best Laid Plans

Black Knight

Blowing Wild (1953)

Chasing Papi


Dark Command

Dead Mine

Doctor Who: Series Seven, Part Two

Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Dying Young

Father Goose

Finding the Sac

George Gently: Series 1-5

In Old California

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Lady from Louisiana

Life is Sweet: Criterion


My Brothers

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Reuben, Reuben

Rolling Thunder


Shoot First, Die Later

Simply Irresistible

The File on Thelma Jordon

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

The Grass Is Greener

The Magic Christian

The Newton Boys

The Star Chamber

Are you buying any of this? Comment below! Let us know! What is your “Pick of the week”????