Project Almanac – Movie Review

Project Almanac Movie Review

Project Almanac – Movie Review Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes are at it again. This time its a time travel found footage movie! Just the classy budget saver you wanted for a January movie! In “Project Almanac” Formerly titled Welcome To Yesterday (Even worse) and is about David (David Raskin) who wants to get into MIT because he’s so smart and his buddies Jessie (Sofia Black D-‘Elia) and Quinn (Sam Lerner) come across a half made time machine left there by his departed father. They figure out “Project Almanac” (Why is it called that?) and start going back in time to win the lottery and go to Lollapallooza and buying stuff. But the ripple effect causes issues in time and GASP what will they do. What would you do if you could go back in time for just 3 months? Comment below! Thanks for watching the Project Almanac Movie Review but most importantly….thank you Michael Bay.
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