Luke Evans Exits “The Crow” Remake Officially

the crow

Casting changes are bad for you! The Crow is dead and yet….it moves! Can’t Rain all the time!

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Love me some Crow quotes. FIRE IT UP! FIRE IT UP!

Ahem. So another day another production delay for The Crow Reboot. Luke Evans (No One Lives, The Hobbit) has officially left production on The Crow.

The film recently lost a Director in Javier Gutierrez and gained another in Corin Hardy. Hardy appears to be busy promoting his film The Hallow at Sundance and it appears that Luke Evans gives zero f-bombs about Hallows and couldn’t wait any longer for the film to shoot. This reboot has long been cursed going through actors like Johnny Depp goes through makeup brushes. ( A lot )

Lets see, there was Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg (Let’s be honest that makes no effing sense) and Tom Hiddleston (Would have been THE shit) and Director Gutierrez who left the project in the dust like they were McConaughey’s kids in Interstellar. Gutierrez left it to make another version of The Ring.

Apparently the film has a good script that goes back to the old goodness of Brandon Lee times and is even backed by the creator James O’barr. There has to be something dank over at the studio as they attract actors like Channing Tatum attracts soccer moms only to watch them run away like they spotted Pauly Shore in a sex dungeon screaming SQUEEZE THE JUICE! A little much? Probably.

Who would you like to see play The Crow now? Honestly, I’m more scared than excited. Well probably get Justin Beiber. I’d like to see Lee Pace or Adrian Brody personally. Speak on it!

Mike Holtz

Source: The Wrap


One thought on “Luke Evans Exits “The Crow” Remake Officially

  1. I wanted luke to do it 😦 ….

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