The Leftovers “Two Boats and a Helicopter” Recap Review



The LOST comparisons just KEEP on comin’!!! Remember how in LOST they would just start doing entire episodes based on one character who had nothing to do with the cliffhanger from the previous week? Bingo! What do you get? A big box of the same shit! Damon Lindeloffiganicus is really laying it on thick here. My hopes are low we are gonna get well thought out answers at any point in our lives.

In this episode we forget all the junk they teased us with and hop right on the crazy Preacher story. FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE. We open with him telling a story of a little girl in a coma and asking for the 4 people crazy enough to still be in his church to pray for her. Then a big dude comes in and punches his lights out and we learn it was the husband of the woman who disappeared only to have crazy preacher go around screaming about what a druggie she was and that she was evil. He totally deserved to have that crumpled up and germ filled flier stuffed into his mouth and repeatedly punched. As Chief Garvey tells him in his short appearance in the show (even though he’s the best goddamn part of it) “STOP PISSIN’ PEOPLE OFF!”.

Then the Preacher gets another kick to the groin when he seems oh so proud and happy that the girl his broken base of followers prayed for was out of the Hospital because of their prayers!…..until the Hospital Employee pops his bubble and tells him she had gotten out the night before. Oooh, sick burn!

We follow the Preacher more confusingly as he tracks down and annoys more people telling them about how the disappeared are garbage juice. He goes to a Casino and we see pigeons with gambling problems. I have a weird feeling either the Preacher or the show is trying to hint that the lost turned into pigeons and my insides become infuriated. It passes.

We find out the psycho weirdo preacher is having a crappy day when the bank informs him that they don’t take crazy juice for payment and he’s gonna lose the church to another buyer if he doesn’t come up with over a hundred thousand dollars by the next day. Then we find out the guys wife is in a coma herself and he can’t pay his babysitter. I think of when Jim Carrey tried to pay their housekeeper in appliances in Fun With Dick and Jane. Another big unveil that doesn’t add up to jack shit was that his wife was driving the car we saw crash in the first episode because it was hit by a driver-less vehicle. Maybe that’s why he’s such a nut and is so angry? Who the hell knows with this show.

Preacher who lies a lot, says mean things and is crappy to his own sister decides to go and get money that Garvey’s dad had buried in his backyard. Apparently more backstory there too. Woohoo. (Sarcasm ensues) He does interestingly see the Chief’s wife there who asks him via stupid ass paper and pad not to tell anyone she was there. She doesn’t want her cult friends to get upset that you know…..she regrets trading in her husband and kids for some ciggs and the opportunity to creepy stalk people.

I liked the music in this episode as it ranged from randomly funky to the typical depressing but pretty piano. The preacher goes through a bunch of pointless crap to get the money he needs (will explain why it was pointless) and takes his dug up cashola to the pigeon table at the casino where he wins all the money he needs. Someone tries to rob him and he beats the shit out of them in an entertaining yet REALLY pointless scene, laughs maniacally and drives away. He sees a white wardrobe nut case get a rock to the face from a drive by um…..rock thrower. Then he gets hit in the face with a rock of his own. Really would-be-cool-if-I-could-believe-for-a-second-it-wasn’t-just-visual-horse-shit happens in his head while he’s knocked out. Now, I know there is symbolism and whatnot to his crazy dreams but come on. Dig away intellectuals its merely filler and when all is said and done won’t even matter.

Preacher wakes up and GASP its been four days and the church still got foreclosed on because he couldn’t get them the money in time. Then it turns out that crazy Anne Dowd and the white shirts bought it as the new cult clubhouse! DOUBLE GASP! Then they exchange an evil look and boom. Credits. No answers. More questions.

Can you tell I’m done with this show? I mean for a guy who said he learned his lesson with Lost he sure as shit did NOT learn his lesson with Lost. This show seems to be going nowhere. Next week will be another character study into someone else’s past and we wont get to see the characters we like, well just get more pointless backstory. This is a “stretch out the show” technique that wont work. Not for HBO fans who expect some cool shit to happen and great writing to back it up. It’s getting really tired really quick Leftovers! What premiered as a great “Pilot” only seemed that way because all the weird shit happening was going to go somewhere right? Oh yea, its the damn Lost guy.

4/10 for good acting. 7/10 if any of this shit ends up actually meaning anything.


One thought on “The Leftovers “Two Boats and a Helicopter” Recap Review

  1. Great review as always! Don’t give up on the show just yet! It’s intriguing at least. We gotta give it a season & see where it goes.

    THEN We can give up on it for good. LOL

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