“Leprechaun” Reboot has a Director

Leprechaun, a 1993 horror film about an evil Leprechaun that goes on a killing spree and attacks a group of young people including Jennifer Aniston (in her first ever movie role) looking for his stolen pot of gold is getting the reboot treatment.  Hollywood will remake anything these days wont they? Next thing you know we will be getting the re-imagination of Battlefield Earth or better yet…. someone will try to remake a classic movie like Carrie. Oh, that’s right they already did that (shoot me in the face). While Leprechaun may be a slight cult classic I doubt anybody is worried about the reputation of the film being tarnished at-least and with that being said….who knows it could be fun.

Either way Leprechaun has found its Director in Zach Lipovsky who made it to the top 16 of the competitors in the reality TV show On the Lot, where aspiring movie makers were competing for a deal with Dreamworks. Other than that Lipovsky only has a few made for TV films under his belt as a Director but does have a strong visual effects background which is really all you need for this type of film. I mean…. it is a movie about a killer Leprechaun after all. Martin Scorcese isn’t exactly necessary. 

Leprechaun will be produced by WWE studios who also produced the surprisingly fun thriller The Call starring Halle Berry earlier this year. The character of Leprechaun himself will be played by Dylan Postl whose usual job is as WWE wrestling characters Shortstack and Little Bastard.  This is one of those projects that is just too easy to rag on and that actually adds a layer of interest for me personally. I’m not saying I’m excited to watch this movie by any means but we’ll start with being merely interested in what kind of tone they go for in the trailer. Being highly optimistic here, the reboot could be entertaining as a stupid kind of fun horror flick and the original Leprechaun used to freak me out quite a bit…. but then again I was eight years old at the time.

Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie


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