Sam Mendes now back in talks for Bond 24



Hold that thought. Just as we reported that Nicolas Winding-Refn was rumored to be in the running for the coveted Bond Directors chair…..Skyfall Director Sam Mendes is back in the running according to Deadline. Other names mentioned have been Shane Black, David Yates, Tom Hooper, Christopher Nolan, Danny Boyle and even Ang Lee. Mendes is the guy it seems Sony really wants considering they have been courting him to return since Skyfall was the most financially successful Bond film ever. Money speaks louder than anything and even though there are high profile names like that of Nolan in the running the job is probably Mendes’ if he wants it. This even though he has been un-sure for sometime whether or not he even had any interest in returning, mentioning that he felt like he told the Bond story he wanted to tell already with Skyfall.

Its strange timing considering talks broke off with Sony and Mendes back in February yet now with other big names emerging as possibilities Mendes’ interest has grown quickly. Apparently the Director is already in talks to Direct the film although previously it was mentioned the Director would not be picked for some time. While Skyfall was great and Mendes is more than capable, one can’t help but wonder what motivation here is financially driven or territorial. One also can’t help but wonder if the next Bond film would be better served by someone that knows for a fact its what they want to do…. personally even though I loved Skyfall I would rather see a new Director with a full passion bucket take over. Who would you choose? Fill out the poll below and let us know!


Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie


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