“Drive” Director Nicolas Winding-Refn to Direct Bond 24?

Bond 24


Nicolas Winding-Refn has had quite a week. After his latest film Only God Forgives was apparently booed at Cannes due to its overly violent nature (which only makes me want to see it that much more) FirstShowing.net was still able to bring a smile to his face when Alex Billington asked the Drive Director about the possibility of Directing the next Bond film. Refn didn’t exactly confirm or deny the rumor but as you can see in the video below he looks like he wanted to scream it from a mountain top. Either that or this was his natural excitement at hearing about it for the first time himself (Which I doubt).

After playing the question cool with a “Where did you hear that?” at the notion he could be Directing, Refn followed up with a more interesting “I love Bond…..I love him” and when Alex smartly asked if this meant we would just have to wait for the announcement coming up Refn’s smile makes it seem like he is either extremely interested or secretly landed the gig already. I won’t speculate that far but it certainly is an intriguing idea. The extremely stylish films that Refn produces could be a great fit for the sleek and stylish Bond. In the poll below, let us know which Director you would like to see behind the camera for the next Bond film!





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