“The Worlds End” Trailer Review

the worlds end

The Worlds End is Directed by Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. All of which as you probably know if you cared enough to read this are members of the greatness that was Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Personally I prefer Shaun to Fuzz (That sounded weird) any day and this delights me (Did I just say “Delights?”, shoot me)  because Worlds End seems a lot more in the Dead wheelhouse. Apparently this time Simon Pegg is the belligerent fool and Nick Frost is the more slightly normal one of the two which should be a fun switch. Although it looks like Nick Frost does go bat-shit at one point in the trailer which looks fun as well.

Apparently they meet up as old friends and attempt to complete a Pub crawl in which they drink one pint at twelve different bars in one night but then their old town it turns out has been taken over by robots who glow from their faces. The two guys plus a couple of other buddies and a hot chick have to survive and save the town! Like I said…..sounds like Shaun of the Dead!!!! I’m using exclamation points because that’s exciting!!!!! Can you tell!?!?!?! That time I had to mix them with question marks!!!! Because it was a quest— sorry about that.

This looks as insane as it does fun and just became one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Just for fun I’m gonna give a pre-rating and guess that I’ll end up giving The Worlds End a 9/10 ……. and no it is not lost on me that it is completely pointless and dumb to give a pre-rating to a movie based on a trailer but dammit I’m excited right now and if sportscasters can make a prediction on a game then I can on a movie dammit! The only thing that was deterring in the trailer was the need to use the same gag they used in Hot Fuzz of people trying to jump over things and falling down twice in the trailer alone. I know…..I’m being nit-picky. So what is your pre-rating of The Worlds End????? Comment below!

By: Mike Holtz


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