The Darkest Hour movie review

Basically a group of young adults are partying in Moscow when the power shuts off and orange orbs of light begin to fall from the sky. Then these orbs begin to become invisible and start disintegrating people by the masses. So now that we have that deep, deep plot out of the way, lets begin. How did this movie get made? Apparently around 30 Million dollars worth of special effects was spent on what exactly? Invisible aliens? The special effects were of the Sci Fi Channel variety. The large scoped landscape shots of Russia in the aftermath of destruction were obvious CGI. I can’t fill you in on how the acting was because the script was so laughable it would have made Marlon Brando look like Hannah Montana. That being said, the acting was terrible. Emile Hirsch gave his all but the rest of the cast gave up half way through. I got the sense that the unknown actresses gave up, laughing at the script between takes. Solutions just magically pop out of thin air time and time again with no explanation. It’s as if light bulbs literally pop on above our hero’s heads and suddenly they have years of Scientific knowledge and are experts in electromagnetism. The explanation? “I watched shark week.” That’s not a joke guys, that was the explanation. So bottom line? It’s a B movie void of the humor or charm that makes B movies lovable. The worst part? They weren’t trying to make a B movie, they were trying to make a blockbuster. One of the worst movies I have ever sat through.

Mike Holtz




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