Drive Angry movie review

“All Hell Breaks Loose” is truly the perfect tagline. John Milton (Nicolas Cage) breaks out of hell to save his grandbaby from the clutches of the Satanic Cult leader Jonah King (Billy Burke) that killed his daughter. Along the way he is chased by “The Accountant” (William Fichtner) who is sent by the Devil to take Milton back to hell. Milton also picks up some help in his mission after running into the feisty Piper and beating up her cheating abusive husband.

I was having a lot of fun watching the opening scenes of this movie. Nicolas Cage is truly going all out as a ruthless badass from hell and the cheesy catch-lines and over the top violence are hard not to get a kick out of. From the opening scene Milton blows up a car that had been driven by some bad guys and walks away in slow motion with the cliché explosion going off behind him and hard rock playing in the background as if the film is saying “Yeah, this is what we are doing. If you don’t like it you can kiss our ass.” I’m on board. Piper is also out of the ordinary in an awesome way. Aside from her amazing looks, she is no poster girl. She talks about sex constantly and doesn’t take any crap from anybody. At one point she gets into her car and thumps music with the lyrics “F the pain away” blaring from her speakers and singing it loudly. Maybe that’s a little bit too much but again: the winner of the “kiss my ass if you don’t like it” award goes to Drive Angry. The award also doubles as an ash tray in case you were wondering. Drive Angry really starts to drive the point home that they are quite original yet a bit trashy when in one scene Milton takes down several bad guys while at the same time having sex with a waitress. Not kidding. This much like the movie brings on some entertaining laughs but also kind of makes you feel like you need to take a shower after watching it.

Every so often “The Accountant” shows up on screen again almost in T- 1000 form to deliver a few hilarious lines and lighten the mood while murdering a few big mouths or driving a propane tank through a road block of police while humming a happy song playing on the radio in the truck in his pursuit of Milton. This is always a refreshing change of pace and Fichtner really steals the show when he is on screen. Amid all the fun, explosions and filthy business the film starts to taper off once they actually try focusing on the storyline and the bad guys. Billy Burke was a good cast for the part of the manipulative and evil cult leader but the cult story didn’t match the rest of the films over the top antics and I found myself getting bored quickly. Drive Angry is an easy movie to think back on and laugh about and it was a pretty fun ride. I’m gonna go take a shower now. 7/10


Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie



Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie


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